Knife Edge Gate Valves

Process-Equipment-Corporation   Knife Edge Gate Valves are specifically designed for tough application. Process-Equipment-Corporation   Knife Gate Valves skin a single piece full port cast stainless steel fully lugged body which is very healthy in assembly to cater to the extreme difficult applications and ensure greater flow power and minimal pressure drop.Process-Equipment-Corporation   Knife Edge Gate Valves integrate gates made of stainless steel and other better alloys are ground with super surface finish on both sides to assure positive shutoff. The machined and highly completed gland pockets ensure a leak proof gland packing and perfect stem seal. Process-Equipment-Corporation  High Performance Knife Edge Gate Valves are available in Unix-Directional / Bi-Directional plan which provides better value and presentation with many standard features which others require. We are also manufacture Double Window-Drip, and Butterfly Valves .

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Flow-age Knife-edge gate valves are widely used in various application such as Thermal Power plants, Mining’s Collieries, Cement Industries of Slurry Lines, Pulp & Paper Industries for Stock Lines, Carbon Black Plants for High temperature gas lines, Dry solid power handling such as polymer chips handling. Sewage and waste water treatment, chemical sledges, sticky media and molasses for sledge and viscous media handling, Steel plant, Sugar Industries, Fly ash, powders, Clean or Corrosive gases.