Basket Type

Process-Equipment-Corporation, Ahmadabad, manufactures of basket Type valve. These basket strainers are accessible in various sizes and colors as per clients’ requirement. Basket filters are used to strain foreign matter from pipe line and provide inexpensive security of costly pump, meter, valves and similar automatic equipment. These basket type strainers are accessible in a variety of equipment.

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Special features of Basket Type

  1. Design for 2.5 times Pipe Bore Free Straining Area ensures a low Pressure Drop even 50% clogged conditions allowing for a lesser losing times for clean-up elements.
  2. Caged Strainer elements Prevent Crumbling of Elements at even high Flow Velocities.
  3. Basket Elements are provided with Easy removal handles.
  4. Our Strainer has gone through rigorous test for lower Pressure Drops across the Strainers in clogged condition to maintain pipeline efficiencies.
  5. For a higher efficiency Specially Designed Strainers are provided with a higher free straining area.

Applications of Basket Type

  1. Petrochemical industries and refinery project
  2. Power plants
  3. Cement plants